Well looks like on Monday i get to try and get a new contract....again....dropped 2% body fat in a month, though weight wise i gained 2...hmmm


Nothing like wiping

yay 5th week of pure wipes on LK...fun stuff



Playing Warhammer Online, and loving the differences between it an WoW. WoW is very much based off min/maxing stats and makes the game only allows one way to be the best at your class. With Warhammer each stat isnt as much about stats just more how you play. there are some other little differences but i gotta go back and play it *whoosh*


Bass Guitar and Scott

So while at Scotts house(irony in a second) i realized that the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs the World(see irony) has renewed my unknown love of the bass guitar. It's not the Guitar, the attention happy center piece. It's not the drums, the hyper active wacky waving arm guy. It's the guy who looks calm and cool(it's my fantasy, deal with it) So now...i'm on the look for cheap bass guitar, and gonna check out pawn shops for some bass'. Trying to get on for under 60$. Don't want a new one, just one that works

W00t! FIRST!!!

yup first post of absolute boringness with a hint of randomness. Squirrel!!!!....yea...